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ObGyn Matters Endometriosis and Pain Management Clinic aims to operate an outpatient clinic with a comprehensive patient centered approach to the care of women with endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Medical / Conservative treatment

This information is for women with endometriosis who want to explore non-surgical options to manage their symptoms, or prevent recurrence of endometriosis following surgery.

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Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment options for endometriosis

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Endometriosis Fertility

There is a definitive link between endometriosis and infertility. The exact reason for this is unclear. However endometriosis is seen in about 20 to 35% of women referred to the fertility clinics worldwide.

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Endometriosis long term issues

Endometriosis is a chronic condition, it may be difficult to treat and completely cure, it has a tendency to come back and women may suffer long term issues.

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