Out patient hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy - looking inside the womb with a telescope is one of the commonest operations in gynaecology.

Where a Hysteroscopy is indicated this can often be performed as an out-patient procedure under local anaesthetic.

Hysteroscopy - looking inside the womb with a telescope is one of the commonest operations in gynaecology. It is performed in women who have abnormal vaginal bleeding, where there are concerns that the lining of the womb is too thick and in infertility to assess the cavity of the womb. Traditionally this has been performed under general anaesthetic. With the proper expertise and with a good team and set up, it is possible to perform this under local anaesthetic without the need for sedation, avoiding the risks of general anaesthesia, reducing recovery time and cost!
Here at ObGynMatters we have two consultants who are specialist trained in out patient hysteroscopy and we have a specialist set up for this at 215 Gt Portland street in the same building as our consulting rooms.


Before arranging your hysteroscopy we will need to see you to make sure that we agree with the indication. Sometimes gynaecologists can be a little quick to suggest this particular procedure!


A time will be arranged for you to attend the women’s outpatients. We normally need a week to arrange this. There is no need to restrict fluid or diet before attending.

You will sit in a special chair which tilts backwards.

Often it is not necessary to insert a speculum or any anaesthetic and a small ultra thin telescope is inserted through the vagina into the womb. If necessary a specimen is taken for examination.

Sometimes a speculum is used as it would be for a smear test. Local anaesthetic may be injected to avoid any discomfort and a telescope is then inserted.

The operation takes 10-15 minutes and you will be able to go home after a cup of tea. Where appropriate a Mirena coil may be offered at the end of the procedure.

We would then arrange to review you with the result of the histology and make a treatment plan for your bleeding problems.

If you would like to avoid a general anaesthetic for your hysteroscopy then get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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