Dr Victoria Owen

Founder & Medical Director at Sloane Square. Special interest in genetic screening for cancer.

Hereditary Health Screening is one of the most thorough genetic health screening programs in the private preventative care sector. Our service provides the highest standard of diagnostics available for genetic cancer identification in the UK. Our genetic specialist is Dr Angela George who is a consultant medical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

This service is an evidence-based screening service combining the latest and best in genetic cancer diagnostics with an extensive physical health examination and comprehensive screening diagnostic tests.

This screening combines two key services:

The first is a comprehensive DNA genetic analysis to assess the cancer genetic risk carried by an individual.

The second is an extensive medical history and physical evaluation where a full assessment of the patient is carried out to determine any environmental and physical findings which once identified can then be managed to improve an individual’s future well-being.

Hereditary Health Screening becomes an important tool when:

1.       There has been a common cancer diagnosis within one family. If there are certain types of cancer that are more common in one family, for example, breast, ovarian, prostate, lung or bowel cancer, then there may be a genetic reason for their development. It is therefore important to screen the whole family, including those affected by cancer, to assess the risk to each individual.

2.       Those looking to understand at a genetic level their cancer risk before receiving HRT for the symptoms of menopause.

Through our Hereditary Health Screening, if a ‘faulty’ gene has been identified this will help guide screening which can prevent the development of serious disease in the future.

General Practitioner Dr Owen who is the Founder and Medical Director of Sloane Square Medical, has worked in private medicine in central London for over 15yrs. She is experienced and passionate about preventative care and health management.

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