Pelvic Floor Prolapse

The pelvic floor includes the muscles and other tissues supporting the bowel, bladder, womb and vagina.


The pelvic floor includes the muscles and other tissues supporting the bowel, bladder, womb and vagina. If the pelvic floor is weakened these supports do not work properly the vagina may feel loose and the position of these organs may change. Prolapse is know to affect around 30% of parous women during their lifetime. It is commonest in older women but may also be severe in young women who have had children


  • Dragging feeling
  • Lower back ache
  • A feeling of a lump protruding through the vaginal opening
  • Difficulty in opening and completely evacuating the bowel
  • Changes in bladder control: frequency / urgency and incontinence
  • Difficulties with sex. Embarrassment, vaginal laxity and discomfort

Problems with the pelvic floor often deteriorate following the menopause.


We offer a sympathetic approach to these sensitive problems. Often simple lifestyle advice may lead to an enormous improvement in quality of life. We work closely with a team of specialist physiotherapists who provide an individualised programme of pelvic floor exercises to build up the weakened support mechanisms. Where this does not work or is inappropriate Ring pessaries may be used to hold op the pelvic organs. These can be used in the long-term providing they are changed every 6 months.
When the above measures are not sufficient, we have particular expertise in pelvic floor surgery and prolapse repair, offering a wide range of surgical procedures. These include: anterior vaginal wall repair, posterior vaginal wall repair, vaginal hysterectomy, sacrospinous fixation sacrocolpopexy and Colpocleisis. Where appropriate the perineum and may also be refashioned.

The decision to have surgery and the exact choice of surgery requires careful consideration and planning, to ensure it is appropriately tailored to the individual woman and the treatment 'goals' that are mutually discussed prior to surgery.

If you are uncomfortable with your pelvic floor or perineum, perhaps as a result of a vaginal birth and suturing, then it may be possible for us to help you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some confidential advice. We are here to help.

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