Well Woman & Gynaecology

For many women an annual Women’s Health Check forms an essential part of their healthcare. There is also increasing awareness amongst women of the benefits of this with increasing evidence of delayed diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis, Menopause and gynaecological cancer.

We offer 30 minute consultations with one of our Consultant specialists who will take a full history and where appropriate will perform an examination and arrange any tests that might be required.

We provide specialist services including;
• Cervical screening and colposcopy when needed
• Sexual Health screening
• Fertility checks
• Pelvic ultrasound scanning
• Urine tests and specialist Urinary tract infection services
• Hormone tests and specialist Menopause advice and treatment
• A full range of wellbeing blood tests
• Mammography and Dexa bone scans for osteoporosis
• Specialist treatment and monitoring of Vulval conditions

Well Woman Check Ups

Regular health checks are an important part of women’s lives. Many women will choose to have an annual health check as part of their disease prevention strategy.
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We offer a full suite of gynaecological services, our expertise includes early pregnancy, fibroids, abnormal smear, endometriosis and sexual health.
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Fibroids are the commonest benign growths that we see in women of reproductive age. They occur in up to 30% of women of all races.
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ObGyn Matters Endometriosis and Pain Management Clinic aims to operate an outpatient clinic with a comprehensive patient centered approach to the care of women with endometriosis and pelvic pain.
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