Obstetric ultrasound scanning

Obstetric scans are performed from 10 weeks until the end of your pregnancy. They will give you the first look at your baby and also make sure your baby is healthy throughout the pregnancy. You can request pictures of your baby at any time.

At Obgyn Matters, we offer pregnancy scans (obstetric ultrasound) throughout your pregnancy.

10-14 weeks

At this stage we perform your dating scan. This will tell us when we expect your baby to be due, and also gives us some early information about your baby's health. This scan is often paired with some blood tests called combined screening which lets us know about your baby's genetic health and risk of Down's syndrome.

18-22 weeks

At this stage, you usually have an anatomy/anomaly scan. This is a detailed scan which looks at all aspects of your baby to ensure they are developing normally. We also check the site of the placenta and the water level levels around the baby.

24 weeks onwards

Your consultant will discuss with you whether you need any scans after 24 weeks. We recommend having at least one at approximately 36 weeks. These scans measure your baby to check how they are growing and will give an estimated weight. They also check the water levels around the baby and the blood flow (dopplers). These are both markers of your baby's health.

3D scan

We are also pleased to offer 3D/4D scans at Obgyn Matters.

3D ultrasound is a relatively new technique that most people associate with getting beautiful baby pictures for keepsake, often seeing a distinct family nose or mouth!

3D ultrasound also had many medical benefits, used to see certain fetal conditions like cleft lip or club foot with a clearer view. They give a live recording compared to still images of 2D and help parents understand these situations better. 3D scans are also useful to look at babies heart structure and spine more closely.

At Obgyn Matters, all of our scans are performed by our own consultants, who will provide you with a detailed medical report and advice about your pregnancy.

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