Katherine Walker


Katherine Walker is a trusted partner of ObGyn Matters. As an Integrative Psychotherapist, she has lots of therapeutic styles in her toolkit, and is skilled at tailoring the approach for each client to ensure she can hold those in crisis, and help people to explore themselves and their identity on a longer term basis, in a way which is suited to each individual. These include talking therapies focusing on past, present and future, as well as creative work involving art, dream exploration, meditation and visualisation techniques. She trained at Europe’s largest centre for Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling, and over a six year period gained her MA in the field. Her particular area of interest is working with clients on matters relating to blended families. She is registered with both the UKCP and BACP, and accredited by the UKCP, and works with both adult individuals as well as couples.

The goals of psychotherapy are unique to the individual, but often include increased confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and an ability to come to terms with painful experiences of the past, and how they may be affecting life in the present day - for example through psychological defences, unhealthy relationships or negative behavioural patterns. Typical outcomes include making better life choices, which in turn improve quality of life, happiness, satisfaction and motivation.

Katherine’s style is warm, empathic and direct. She runs a diverse practice in Central London and West London, and welcomes into it people from all walks of life; Katherine describes her practice as age, culture, sexuality and gender agnostic. However, through her work with ObGyn Matters, Katherine works with both individuals and couples, covering a broad array of presenting issues related to women’s health. These include infertility and its impact on the female and couple dynamic, childhood trauma and sexual abuse, identity and self-belief changes both during and post pregnancy, the impact of pregnancy and starting a family on the couple dynamic, the experience of menopause, as well as psychological implications of surgeries such as hysterectomies.

To find out more, and to contact Katherine, please visit www.curiousandbrave.co.uk, or email katherine@curiousandbrave.co.uk.

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