Early pregnancy scans

Early pregnancy scans are a fantastic way to start your pregnancy journey. They are usually performed between 6 and 10 weeks where we can first see your baby’s heartbeat.

At Obgyn Matters, we offer early pregnancy scans between 6 and 10 weeks gestation.

The scan is usually performed transvaginally as this shows us the best pictures. The scan should not be painful, and we do our utmost to ensure you are comfortable. If you prefer to have an abdominal scan, please let us know.

If you require more frequent scans, we recommend at least 2 weeks between scans so we can see how your baby is growing.

There are many reasons to opt for an early pregnancy scan. You may want to see you baby for the first time. You may have had previous problems in early pregnancy and would like some reassurance. No matter the reason, you can choose to have an early pregnancy scan on its own, or part of a pregnancy package with us.

All of our scans are performed by our own consultants, who will provide you with a detailed medical report and advice about your pregnancy.

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