Tankut Kofturcu

Pre and Post Natal Specialist Trainer Weight Management Coach

My name is Tankut and I am a ‘Pre and Post Natal Specialist& Weight Management Coach’.
I have attained a high level of qualifications through globally recognised sports training institutes, covering a wide spectrum of physical health, ranging from Sports Science, Advance Personal Training and Sports Nutrition, Pre and Post Natal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation.

As one of London’s leading Pregnancy Fitness Specialists, I am working together with ‘OBGYN Matters’ in the Portland Hospital to cater for the fitness and well-being needs of their patients.
My knowledge, experience and results based programming has lead me to a position of being the clinics trusted partner to help with all Pre and Post Natal conditions. I apply passion, science and a forensic approach to planning and performing the fitness and well-being programs for the patients that come through the clinics consultants and doctors to me.

Areas in which I have an extensive expertise include:

* Diastasis Recti

* Muscular Imbalances

* Postural Disorders

* Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

* Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

* Weight Management

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