How to Choose the Best in London Gynaecology

Choosing the best in London Gynaecology can be difficult especially as there are so many!

Many women will choose to have regular annual health checks. The best doctor for this is one with whom the patient can develop a good rapport, one who they feel confident will give good advice and who has easy access to all the appropriate investigations. It is not essential that the doctor has well developed research or surgical skills but they must be accessible approachable and on the right ‘wave-length’ for the individual patient. This choice is best informed by personal recommendation by friends and colleagues.

The choice becomes more complex when it involves treatment of a particular gynaecological condition. For example, a woman with a fertility problem would not wish to see a gynaecologist with an interest in the menopause or cancer and vice versa.

In addition the emphasis should switch more towards determining the level of expertise and the type of treatment that the gynaecologist can offer for a specific problem. In the UK all gynaecologists undergo basic training. It is only some who continue their training to develop special interests and surgical skills in a specific area of gynaecology.

Women are often referred to specialists by their General Practitioner who has an affiliation with a particular consultant gynaecologist. It is important to check that this is the right person to offer the treatment that is required.

The best way to find this out is to ask questions. Ask the GP specifics about the gynaecologist and the treatment options that they can offer. Women should also ask around, ask friends and colleagues. The internet can be extremely helpful too, but needs to be used with caution.

Once a doctor has been chosen it is also appropriate to ask him/her if this is a specialist area of interest and if an operation is required, how many of these procedures they would carry out on an annual basis, and could the surgery be done using keyhole techniques which are less invasive and have shorter recovery times?

In many instances choosing a gynaecologist is easy but if specific treatment is required then it is necessary to do a little research to be sure that the best available treatment is being offered by the best gynaecologist. If women are not sure then it may be worthwhile getting a second opinion.