Obstetric and Fetal wellbeing Scans

Ms Deepa Janga is a Consultant Obstetrician at ObGynMatters with special interest in Fetal Medicine and has 7 years of experience as a Fetal Medicine Consultant in the NHS. She is dedicated to caring for pregnant women and in particular the well-being of their baby. Her expertise is in the ultrasound examination of the pregnant mother and unborn baby and the management of complex pregnancies.

She offers early pregnancy scans at ObGynMatters, to check viability, Nuchal translucency and reassurance scans at later stages to check baby’s wellbeing. These can be done either at the same visit of your antenatal check or at a later date as per your convenience.  A detailed scan at 20 wks (Anomaly scan) will be offered to check your baby thoroughly and you will be given opportunity to capture images and create memories